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Printing Box Structure in PACS
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First, the desired output should be configured in the Barcode Label Designer as follows:

1. Create New Barcode Template in the Barcode Label Designer.

2. Assign Printer as an A4 Printer, or Microsoft Print to PDF, or similar.

3. Specify Page format as A4 (or as desired).

4. Specify Label Size.

Tip: For Box 10×10 and page format A4, Label size of 0.8” x 0.8” fits well.

5. Use Add Item to add DB fields or label as needed.

6. It is useful to add Spot Position, to identify exact position in the box which can be found under Aliquot in DB field:

Tip: Once all fields are added, in the event you prefer the spot positions to have an outline/border – Add an item, select Label under Barcode Area Details and add a Space (as PACS does not allow empty item to be added to the Label). Maximize the box and uncheck Invisible border.

7. Switch tab to Page settings. Under Column count and Row count, specify according to subdivision structure; i.e. for Box 10 x 10, specify 10 for row and 10 for column; for Box 2 x 5, specify 2 for row count and 5 for column count respectively. Continue customization for spacing and margins until the desired format is achieved. Click OK to save the template.

Pro Tip: You can customize a header on a paper which can act as a letterhead, and print the internal structure on this existing paper, or use a PDF editor to add information as needed.

To print a structural view of a subdivision, go to Repository Management:

a) Select a placement or a subdivision for the content to print.

b) Click the Internal structure tab in the right pane of the window. The Internal structure tab opens.

c) Click the Print button. The Barcode Label Designer window opens. Double-click the template created for the internal structure.

d) The Report Viewer window with Repository Subdivision Content report opens.

e) Click the Print () button.

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