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How to keep stock of reagents in PACS?
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Chemical X = any reagent or primer or test kit. Configure Material Template for Reagents: information about the reagent – what is it. For primers, a specific text box or text string field can be created for the sequence.

Register Chemical X as Material.

Each time you buy, you register an aliquot for that. Configure Aliquot template for specific information such as purchase date, lot no., expiry date, etc.

Use Operations > Material Usage to track volume. Once it is 0mL, you can destroy it.

It should belong to special Placement. Add capacity to the placement under Repository Configuration and you can use the colours to help you keep track of your stock (but will work in reverse), i.e. red = your stock is full – GOOD. Yellow = start procurement process. Orange = stock should be arriving. Green = You are dangerously low or out of stock.

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