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Do you know that PACS locks objects when they are being used?
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PACS locks objects when they are being used in operations.

For example, if an aliquot is used in Diagnostics operation, and it is still in Process (wasn’t Validated), then this aliquot cannot be used in any other operation.

And if user tries to add it, for example, to Material Destruction operation, he will see a warning message.

The same aliquot will be shown in System->Object Locking list.

Sometimes users from different computers at the same time can open Aliquot Tracking Form for the same aliquot. One of them can edit some information about it, and in this case, another one will face with the same issue when will try to edit it or print its barcode, the system will show the warning message again – the aliquot is locked.

In this case, it is possible for user to go to System-> Object Locking and Unlock this object to make other changes in it and use it in further activities.

But this will not work for the aliquots which are in operation, like in example for Diagnostics. Even if user will unlock it once, it will appear there again until the Diagnostics operation will be completed (Validated).

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