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Sustainable approach for PACS Implementation at AFSI-CVL and its subordinated Regional Diagnostic Laboratories
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During August 2020 – February 2021 BV had conducted PACS implementation at AFSI’s veterinary laboratories, which was initially started from AFSI-CVL (the main location of central PACS database and center of PACS Admin/IT personnel), and continued through 5 Regional Diagnostics Labs, which are performing tests for veterinary samples: Guba RDL, Gakh RDL, Sabirabad RDL, Goygol RDL and Barda RDL.

Due to the COVID-19 quarantine restrictions and hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh Azerbaijani area at the end of 2020, some of implementation works at affected areas (Barda and Goygol) were slightly delayed, but finally, on February 19, 2021 all PACS implementation activities have been accomplished (PACS rollout at Barda RDL).

BV agreed with AFSI leadership on the following approach for RDLs training for onward PACS soft transition and sustainability. It was agreed to conduct trainings in OJT form with duration of 4 days, starting from the theory on the first day of OJT and continuing with practical work – entering real data from the second day with BV on-site support. From the start of PACS Implementation admins personnel were selected during the first training sessions at AFSI-CVL mother lab and then these personnel had participated as trainers during all training sessions delivered at regional labs. This approach will allow AFSI-CVL personnel to support all users not only from their mother lab but also staff from RDLs, thus the further support from BTRP side (BV) will be quite minimal.

Right now, PACS is being used as a main LIMS system for AFSI-CVL and its subordinated labs. All samples are being registered in PACS on time and at the end the test results printed from PACS are available to customers (citizens). Using PACS features AFSI-CVL’s leadership easily control the business processes at all CVL’s departments and at the same time can review the workflow in each of RDLs.

Considering the success of this implementation AFSI’s leadership already requested PACS implementation through recently established AFSI pathogens museum – AFSI Complex Investigations Laboratory Pathogen Registration Department and already received BTRP’s approval for this.  BV continues supporting AFSI-CVL and RDLs responding only on high critical questions/requests if exists, since most of the questions and issues are being resolved by their own PACS CVL Admins. PACS Admins use comprehensive HelpDesk system for registering any found issues or new ideas on how to make PACS more convenient for their usage.

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