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PAСS implementation at the National Republican Center for Veterinary, Kazakhstan
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Since November 2020, PAСS implementation at the National Republican Center for Veterinary in Republic of Kazakhstan has been started. PACS system covers all business processes of the Center. The processes are related to veterinary disease surveillance and pathogens control. PACS is now used as the main pathogen accounting system in the Center.

The transfer of pathogens from the Reception Laboratory to the Laboratory of Diagnostic of Infection Disease was implemented and tracked in PACS system, considering the access rights for both parties. Several special reporting forms which are completely identical to standard internal documents were customized in PACS and are now used in the National Collection of Deposited Strains (Museum). PACS Administrators have created the Repository Structure identical to their real Repository. Based on the site’s request, three types of barcode labels have been customized:  1. for an aliquot, 2. for a batch of aliquots (boxes) by material, 3. for labeling of Freezers and Subdivisions.

The following tasks are currently ongoing:

  • Customization of three forms of the Diagnostics Report for each type of investigation correspondingly;
  • The Transfer, Registration, Destruction operations acts customization according to the standards of the organization;
  • Data import.

The local PACS Admins are going to conduct self-paced PACS training session (without BTRP participation) for two new employees in 2021.

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