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PACS was successfully trained at NIOH to support accountability of biological pathogens specific to COVID-19
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Pathogen Asset control system (PACS) was successfully trained at the National Health Laboratory Service’s (NHLS) Institute for Occupational Health (NIOH) between September 14-16, 2020. The main objective of PACS deployment is to support and enhance NIOH Biobank with sample tracking, management and accountability of their biological pathogens specific to COVID-19. The current pandemic has caused a global need for tracking and overall management of samples being tested and stored. PACS offers safe, reliable and accurate tracking of biological materials.  As well as diagnostic and research tests carried out at each laboratory respectively.

The NIOH is recognized internationally for excellence in research, services and training to support occupational health services not only in South Africa but also in Southern Africa through its extensive outreach activities and collaborations.

The NIOH has made great strides in terms of its overall objectives, particularly around quality, and continues to provide training, service and research assistance to a wide range of local, provincial and central government stakeholders.

The NIOH has an established research record of more than 50 years. Historically, NIOH’s research is focused on mineral particles and the health of miners; the focus has since expanded to include diverse topics and research programs. The vision of the NIOH is to be a nationally and internationally recognized center of excellence for occupational health.

The NIOH provides cost effective occupational health services to national and provincial government departments as well as support for occupational health and safety inside the NHLS. This support work has included advice to regulatory authorities, employers, unions and individual employees. The NIOH investigates occupational diseases.

The training offered by the NIOH strives to promote development of the work environment, work communities and organizations, to enhance management of changes, and to further occupational health and expertise in these issues at workplaces.

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