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PACS Implementation at the Regional Animal Health Office No. 6 (RAHO-6)
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Regional Animal Health Office No. 6 (RAHO-6) has the function to quarantine animals, regulate and conduct veterinary hygiene inspection for export and import of animal products (including aquatic products, except for quarantine of exported aquatic products used as food), slaughter control, diagnose and test livestock and poultry for diseases. RAHO-6 aims to prevent and control epidemic disease outbreaks in all provinces.

PACS Deployment and Training was conducted simultaneously at RAHO-6 at the beginning of August 2022. RAHO-6 is working to incorporate PACS into their daily use to facilitate sample management and test reporting.

Black & Veatch trainer conducting on-the-job training at RAHO-6 on August 10, 2022

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