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Do you know how to change your field type in PACS from text string to drop-down?
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In the event you want to change a field (Field Z) from text string to dropdown, our recommendation is as follows:

  1. Using Search Engine, export all values of Field Z + its associated ID (if the field is at the Source level, then export Source ID, if it is at the Material level, then export Material ID etc. In this example we will use Source ID) to excel. Use Excel functions such as Find/Replace and/or Filter to help you clean up the data. Save this excel on your Desktop.

Expected Result: File X: In the first sheet, you will have a list of Source IDs + associated Field Z values.

  1. Copy the column of Field Z values, paste it in a new sheet in Excel. Use “Remove Duplicates” function (Go to Data Tab > Remove Duplicates under Data Tools) to help create a unique list of values that already exist in your system. Copy this list of unique values.

3. In PACS, create new list of Reference (let’s call it Reference X for the purpose of this example) in Reference Editor, and paste the list of unique values from Excel.

4. Go to Customizable Forms and locate the form that has Field Z. Click on Edit and create a new field (Field X) that is linked to Reference X. Place the field on the Form, and click Ok to save and close the form. Map the column to the field correctly as shown. In this example

5. Go to System, Data Import. Use Update function and locate File X on your Desktop. Map the Source ID column and Field X as shown.

6. Click Verify to check for Errors, and then Import.

7. Check in Source Catalog that the values were correctly imported.

8. You can now delete Field Z off the Form. Make sure to delete Field Z off all forms that contain this field and save the form. The field will now be white (and not grey), and the “Used for” Column will be blank as shown below. You can then delete Field Z from the system.

9. You have successfully “converted” Field Z from text string to dropdown (i.e. Field X).

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