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Biosecurity demonstrated using PACS at PANVAC during the Rinderpest re-certification
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PACS was implemented at PANVAC in 2017. As of January 2019, PANVAC successfully has been using PACS for vaccine storage and the overall management of vaccine data. PACS has enhanced the biosafety and biosecurity at PANVAC through sample tracking, management, and accountability of all biological pathogens housed within PANVAC.

Recently, training was conducted at PANVAC to provide additional practical and theoretical training of PACS to support PANVAC’s preparation for its re-certification of Rinderpest holding facility, and to customize new document-controlled lab result and reporting forms.

Real data and actual examples were used to provide accurate and expected output for PACS at the various laboratories. Training was positively received by users and each expressed appreciation for the on-the-job training.

Dr. Nick (Director) and Dr. Bodjo (Senior scientist) emphasized that PACS will be used to emphasize the biosecurity processes of sample management and storage at PANVAC, which is a requirement for the audit in October for Rinderpest re-certification.













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